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Polystyrene (Styrofoam)

Do Recycle:

Polystyrene (styrofoam) take-away containers from eateries and the Berkey Creamery. Polystyrene recycling bins are located at the following locations on campus: The HUB-Robeson Center's (the HUB) food court area, Berkey Creamery, and Findlay & Redifer dining commons. These containers do not need to be rinsed, but should be cleaned of large chunks of food. If there is a compost bin nearby, you can use it for the excess food.

For Polystyrene packing materials, please see Packing Materials.



How to Recycle:

Dump out any large chunks of food and put container in bin.

What Happens to the Polystyrene?

Once the polystyrene products are collected, they are transported to OPP's recycling center and pressed into bricks. Dart Container Corporation picks up the plastic bricks and takes them back to its headquarters in eastern Pennsylvania to be downcycled. The plastic can be used to make new products, like rulers, molding and picture frames. Watch recycling process!