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"I think what is unique about Penn State’s dynamic efforts in sustainability is our holistic strategy. We are engaging the entire University, along with our external communities, in this exciting effort."
Vice President, Outreach

Penn State

  • Recycling and Waste Management
    Penn State is committed to "closing the loop" on its solid waste through a program we call möbius. 

    Penn State's renewal and renovation plan goes beyond bricks and mortar
  • Energy & Environment
    Using its District Energy System, Penn State consumes half the resources -- and produces half the emissions -- that it might otherwise.
  • Buildings that Teach
    A list of facilities at Penn State, including the Sustainability Experience Center and the MorningStar solar home, that feature sustainable technologies and practices. You can even tour some of these facilities online!
  • Purchasing
    Penn State Purchasing handles the procurement of everything from furniture to lab equipment on PSU campuses.
  • Transportation
    The University is working to sustainably manage its growing transportation demands by switching to alternative fuels, reducing oil consumption, increasing the fuel efficiency of fleet vehicles, and encouraging the use of public transportation.
  • Health
    Penn State has a long-term commitment to protecting and improving the natural environment. Also, Food Services strives to purchase from local suppliers whenever possible.
  • Track Our Progress
    Penn State is dedicated to tracking its progress in sustainability to improve the University and its green initiatives.
  • AD 64: Energy Conservation Policy
    The University has adopted a wide-ranging Energy Conservation Policy (AD 64) designed to lower energy consumption through employee and student action.