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"Sustainability is an absolutely urgent issue. Our students are learning how to ensure that human rights are protected around the globe."
Director, Rock Ethics Institute

Minor in Sustainability Leadership

Minor in Sustainability Leadership

The Intercollege Minor in Sustainability Leadership allows students in any major to incorporate sustainability as a significant theme in their undergraduate degree program. Through a combination of coursework and immersive experiences in sustainability, students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become sustainability leaders in their respective fields.

Description Students Devote Spring Break to Sustainability in Honduras

Launched in Summer 2012, the Intercollege Minor in Sustainability Leadership is administered by a committee of faculty from across the colleges and campuses of the University. The minor makes it possible for any student to integrate social, economic, and environmental concepts of sustainability into the undergraduate course of study.

A wide variety of courses from across the university are eligible for inclusion in the sustainability leadership minor; this allows students to select sustainability classes from both their major requirements and their general education electives. The minor courses and the required immersive experience in sustainability provide students with fundamental tool for sustainability leadership.


Applicants to the minor must have declared a major field of study and they must present a proposed plan of study. The proposed plan of study must be approved by both the student’s major faculty advisor and the coordinator of the minor. No more than nine credits from a student's major requirements may be applied toward the minor. A grade of C of higher is required for all courses in the minor. Download the full program requirements.

Apply Now!

Student interested in applying for admission to the Sustainability Leadership Minor should complete the online application and meet with the minor coordinator.

We are eager to include more eligible sustainability courses to the sustainability leadership minor! Faculty who wish to submit their courses for inclusion in the minor, please complete the course survey.

For other inquires please contact Dr. Susannah Barsom.