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"We have an extraordinary group of faculty, students and staff that is working on different dimensions of sustainability."
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Course provides immersive experience with Ojibwe tribe in MinnesotaSustainability Courses at Penn State

In 2010, the Sustainability Institute asked Penn State faculty to assess their sustainability courses following specific criteria developed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. That assessment instrument, the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS) curriculum survey, was subsequently evaluated and modified by our staff, and is now available as the online Sustainability Course Assessment survey.

Courses on the list below have been submitted by the faculty members who teach them. Instructors who wish to include their courses should go to the online survey and complete an assessment for each course that they consider to be sustainability-focused or sustainability-related, or that has an immersive experience in sustainability. Our information comes from Penn State faculty, and as more faculty members submit course assessments, the list below becomes more accurate and complete.

Sustainability-FOCUSED Courses

AGECO 134 
Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy

EGEE 412 
Green Engineering & Environmental Compliance

Ecological Principles for Landscape Design

AGECO 144 
Principles and Practices of Organic Agriculture

ENGL 180 
Literature and the Natural World

LARCH 414 
Design and Theory V: Advanced Landscape Architectural Design

AGECO 457 
Principles of Integrated Pest Management

ENGL 424 / ENVST 424 
Creative Writing and the Natural World

PHIL 118 
Introduction to Environmental Philosophy

AGECO 499 
Foreign Studies

ERM 210 
Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Your Food Supply

PHIL 403 
Environmental Ethics

ASM 327 
Soil and Water Resource Management

ERM 447 
Stream Restoration

PSYCH 419 
Psychology and a Sustainable World

BA 342 
Socially Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical Business Practice

FOR 410 
Elements of Forest Ecosystem Management

PSYCH 423 
Social Psychology of Interpersonal/Intergroup Relationships

BISCI 003 
Environmental Science

FOR 421

PSYCH 490 
Senior Seminar in Psychology

CAS 222 
Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement

FOR 488 Y 
Global Forest Conservation

SOILS 071 
Environmental Sustainability

CED 155 
Science, Technology and Public Policy

GEOG 030 
Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment 

SOILS 422 
Natural Resources Conservation and Community Sustainability

CED 410 
The Global Seminar

GEOG 097 A 
Global Parks & Sustainability

STS 470 
Technology Assessment and Transfer 

CED 427 W 
Society and Natural Resource

GEOG 434 
Politics of the Environment

STS/PL SC 135 
The Politics of the Ecological Crisis

CED 475

GEOG 493 
Service Learning 

WP 530

GEOSC 002 
Historical Geology


EARTH 111 
Water: Science and Society

HIST 110 
Nature and History

Introduction to the Philosophy of Education
HIST 453 
American Environmental History

EGEE 102 
Energy Conservation for Environmental Protection




Sustainability-RELATED Courses

AE 464 
Advanced Architectural Illumination Systems & Design

EARTH 002 
The Earth System and Global Change

AEE 597 E

EDSGN 100 
Introduction to Engineering Design

Design and Theory I: Introduction to Principles of Landscape Architectural Design

AET 103 
Plumbing and Fire Protection

EGEE 420 
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Design and Theory IV: Site and Community Design

AET 121
Introduction to Building Environmental Systems

EGEE 438 
Wind and Hydropower Energy Conversion

MATSE 492 W 
Materials Engineering Methodology and Design

AET 204 
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Layout

ENGL 250 
Peer Tutoring in Writing

ME 097 S 
First Year Seminar 

AET 227
Liquid Heating and Cooling Systems

ENT 518

ME 442/ME 422 W 
Advanced Vehicle Design I/II

AET 228 
Air Heating, Cooling, and Ventilating Systems

ERM 151 
Careers and Issues in Environmental Resource Management

ME 443/MW443  W 
Advanced Vehicle Design I/II

AET 229 
Analysis of Building Environmental Systems

ERM 300 
Basic Principles and Calculations in Environmental Analysis

MKTG 330 
Consumer Behavior

Introductory Agroecology

ERM 411 
Legal Aspects of Resource Management

PL SC 002 
American Public Policy

AH 201

ERM 447 
Stream Restoration

PL SC 022 
Politics of the Developing Areas

ANSC 300 
Integrated Animal Biology

ERM 450 
Wetland Conservation


ARCH 431/432 
Architectural Design V/VI

FOR 303 
Herbaceous Forest Plant Identification and Ecology

PSYCH 232 
Cross-Cultural Psychology
ASM 217

FOR 403 
Invasive Forest Plants: Identification, Ecology, and Management 

QMM 891
ASM 392

FOR 418 
Agroforestry: Science, Design, and Practice 

RPTM 230 
Teambuilding Facilitation

ASM 422

FOR/WFS 430 
Conservation Biology

RPTM 325 
Principles of Environmental Interpretation 

BBH 301 
Values and Ethics in Human Development Professions

FOR 440 
Forest and Conservation Economics

RPTM 330 
Adventure-Based Program Leadership

BE 301
Mathematical Modeling of Biological and Physical Systems

GEOG 110 
Climates of the World

RPTM 430 
Environmental Education Methods and Materials

BE 392 
Contextual Integration of Leadership Skills for the Technical Workplace

GEOG 126 
Economic Geography

SCIED 457 
Environmental Science Education

BE 467 
Design of Stormwater and Erosion Control Facilities

GEOG 420 Y 
Comparative Urbanism

SOC 005 
Social Problems

BE 469 W 
Optimization of Biological Production and Processing Systems

GEOG 438 W 
Human Dimensions of Global Warming

STS 100 H 
Modern Science, Technology, and Human values

BIOE 401 
Introduction to Bioengineering Research and Design

GEOSC 002 
Historical Geology

STS 150 
Out of the Fiery Furnace

BIOL 110 (120) 
Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

GEOSC 340 

STS 200 
Critical Issues in Science, Technology, and Society

BIOL 220 W 
Biology: Populations and Communities


WL ED 444 
Language, Culture and the Classroom: Issues for Practitioners

BIOL 435 
Ecology of Lakes and Streams


Beekeeping 101
Penn State Beekeeping 101
CE 370 
Introduction to Environmental Engineering

HIST 110 
Nature and History

COMM 405 
Political Economy of Communications

HORT 432 
Deciduous Tree Fruits



Immersive Experience Courses

BIOL 499 A - Tropical Field Ecology
CRIMJ 497 - Environmental Crime and Justice
EME 466 - Energy and Sustainability in Society
EME 495 - Energy and Mineral Engineering Internship
ENGL 181 A - Adventure Literature: Exploring the Chesapeake Bay
ENGL 181 B - Adventure Literature: Exploring Cape Cod
LARCH 499 - Mangu’la, Tanzania: Parks and People
GEOG 493 - Service learning
GEOG 497 - Cape Town: South Africa, Parks and People

Please refer to this list for sustainability-related degree programs.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Susannah Barsom.

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