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"We can do this. There's absolutely no question that we can be more sustainable."
Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences / Nobel Prize Winner

Careers in Sustainability

The Careers in Sustainability initiative is a resource for students who are interested in sustainability-related careers. Through a series of networking events, we bring together students and employers who have similar interests in sustainability.


The Careers in Sustainability initiative helps students to make the most of their undergraduate sustainability experiences by fostering connections between students who are exploring sustainability careers and employers looking for students who are trained in and passionate about sustainability.


The Careers in Sustainability initiative is offered in partnership with the Penn State Career Services Center. In addition to the series of live networking events, such as the Green Careers Leadership Symposium, the Sustainability Institute offers online information about sustainability careers for students of all majors.

Penn State students get involved in sustainability issues in many different ways. Depending on students’ specific interests and skills, Sustainability Institute staff direct them to appropriate opportunities on and off campus.


Green Careers Leadership Symposium

At the Green Careers Leadership Symposium, a small group of employers have the opportunity to discuss their sustainability-related career opportunities with a small group of invited students who are active in sustainability-related organizations or majors at Penn State.

Sustainability Entrepreneurship Roundtable

The Sustainability Entrepreneurship Roundtable is a unique open discussion forum event in which key sustainability topics in a specific field are selected by Penn State faculty and discussed by top students and industry practitioners.

Careers in Sustainable Business: A Panel Discussion and Forum

The group of panelists engage in a facilitated public conversation on the current job climate for higher education graduates seeking careers in sustainability-related fields. An open forum is offered to all attendees to pose questions to the panel during the session.

Useful Links

  • For students engaged in a national search for a sustainability-related career, Great Green Careers is a decent place to start. You can search available jobs and after creating an account, you can post your resume to be viewed by potential employers!
  • For students seeking opportunities in sustainable agriculture within the state of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Association (PASA) offers useful information about current opportunities on the site’s classifieds page.
  • Penn State Career Services also provide students with a great resource sheet for targeting a job search for green careers.
  • Pennsylvania Certified Organic periodically has intern positions available.
  • CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR DEGREE! The Certificate in Sustainable Management Practices at Penn State Great Valley will help you manage new or existing sustainable practices in your organization.