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Penn State Outreach’s Public Media Creative Group connects people through the power of film, video and interactive stories.  To integrate sustainability strategically into their unit, Public Media created a task force of individuals with an interest in sustainability and committed making the Sustainability Strategic Plan actionable in their unit.  Most task force members consisted of representatives from middle management, project management and the administrative staff.  They developed a matrix of possible activities, the majority of which focused — at first — on waste management and energy use.  In the end, they developed a number of more strategic projects linked to their core mission and unique abilities as the Public Media Creative Group:  film, video and interactive stories about sustainability at Penn State and beyond. 

Key Lessons & RecommendationsWater Blues, Green Solutions

  • Public Media started by creating many things the University was already doing which did not align with their mission as a unit.  They needed a better understanding of sustainability and what Penn State was already doing.
  • It took them a long time to get to their unique contribution as a unit (which is creating film and video), but when they found it the whole process was energized and accelerated.
  • Leadership support and ultimate buy-in is paramount to success
  • Planning committee should include a representative sub-set of the unit — including people with clout to “get stuff done” — not just the “environmentally” focused people in the office

Click here to download Penn State Public Media's Sustainability Pilot Unit Plan.