Sketching the Blueprint for Pennsylvania’s Sustainable Development Future

March 1, 2019 | 0 comments

Penn State’s Sustainability Institute is excited to host the Pennsylvania Environmental Consortium’s spring conference, Blueprint for the Future. Register here!

Don’t miss Blueprint for the Future, PERC’s Conference on Sustainable Development Goals and Higher Education. The conference will be held Tuesday April 9th in the HUB on Penn State’s University Park campus. Join us to explore higher education’s role in Agenda 2030 and learn how our members are acting on the goals. We will explore the possibility of statewide networks for sustainable solutions.

Some background: In 2015, 192 nations agreed to take on Agenda 2030: The Sustainable Development Goals. These goals seek to end poverty and hunger, promote peace, increase equality among people across the globe, provide healthy and meaningful work, build efficient buildings and renewable energy production, and take on anthropogenic climate change and the preservation and strengthening of biodiversity. Agenda 2030 identifies colleges and universities as necessary players to accomplish the goals.

Pennsylvania has a unique role in the world today. We are a food, water, and energy economic powerhouse. Our agricultural sector produces a wide variety of food, we have more miles of moving surface water than any state in the union except Alaska, and we are the nation’s third biggest electricity supplier. While productive, our state has urban and rural poverty, nutritional disparity, health problems, and entrenched educational, gender, and racial inequality. Our agricultural sector is the biggest single polluter of the Chesapeake Bay and energy extraction and production makes us one of the world’s most intense greenhouse gas sources. But with the rise of smart agricultural practices, water stewardship, clean energy development, and a renewed focus on justice and health, things are changing. What are colleges and universities in Pennsylvania doing on these today? What can we be doing in the coming decade?

So mark the date–April 9th–on your calendar now for what is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss.

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