Websites Offering Satellite Imagery and Tools for Using It

June 20, 2016 | 0 comments

“Websites Offering Satellite Imagery and Tools for Using It” provides a number of ways to views landscapes. They include satellite imagery, timelapse photographs, images of iconic literary landscapes and their transformations,  and images of landscapes transformed by climate change. Some image databases focus on aesthetics. The websites provided are excellent GIS supplements for teachers who are seeking to develop their students temporal and spatial understanding of biological, physical, and cultural changes at different scales as well as how these images relate to our aesthetics and ethics. In particular, Scene Changes provides images of places in literary works, places that have themselves been transformed by human activities. The database’s range make this resource useful for instruction in a wide range of disciplines and courses including literature, photography, geography, geology, ecology, and policy courses.

“Websites Offering Satellite Imagery and Tools for Using It” was developed by Pat Hackbarth who manages and curates Scene Changes: The Unmaking of Place (screenshot below).

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