Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability

November 14, 2017 | 0 comments

Description: What’s your role on a changing planet? From rural Pennsylvania to megacities of China, people are leading the charge to take on the big challenges of sustainability. Farmers and architects, artists and scientists, politicians and business owners are all playing a part to create a more just and sustainable world. Why? And how?

This class will introduce you to concepts of sustainability, leadership, and equity. We will explore interconnected and evolving issues in food, water, biodiversity, energy, and climate, and how ethical and imaginative people can work together to deal with them.

SUST 200_Syllabus_Fall 2017 v.2.0This class will gives students an opportunity to explore and practice just sustainability. Our goal is that by the end of the semester you should be able to:

•  Define a meaningful concept of sustainability and explain your conceptual evolution.

•  Describe major sustainability challenges at multiple scales and explain some of their causes and relationships to one another;

•  Describe the qualities and skills of effective and ethical leaders;

•  Describe how you can address sustainability in your personal, civic, and professional lives.

Presumably students will also be able to do these things—and do them even better—long after the end of the semester. As a citizen, employee, friend, parent, neighbor, or any other position they may hold in life, you should be able to discuss sustainability issues, including how and why they influence your decisions.

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