Development, Governance, & Justice: Graduate Seminar Syllabus

August 9, 2016 | 0 comments

The project of global development has been underway for more than seventy years with highly uneven results. The consequence has been a renewed engagement with the mechanisms that shape livelihood systems and the opportunities for justice throughout the world. This graduate seminar will engage with key themes in geographic scholarship, and more generally within the social sciences, on the relationships between humans and the natural environment. We will focus on the themes of development, governance, and justice as conceptual frameworks for addressing emerging concerns about sustainability, economic systems, formal and informal decision-making, and power.

While the themes of development, governance, and justice will be a central area of emphasis, students will be exposed to diverse theoretical frameworks for addressing human-environment interactions. The seminar will be useful for students in a wide range of fields including geography, anthropology, sociology, ecology, and natural resources and conservation. Course expectations include intensive reading, in-class discussions, and the completion of a research paper of individual interest.

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