Climate Stories

September 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Recently, Penn State’s Sustainability Institute and WPSU completed Climate Stories to get people talking about climate change. As you know, human-caused climate change is one of the most difficult problems we face. We hope you will watch Climate Stories, share it with colleagues and friends, and use it in your classes to get into the issue.

Climate Stories invites viewers into a conversation on climate change. Author Seamus McGraw, Penn State faculty members Janet Swim and Richard Alley, and fly fisherman Steve Sywensky each recognize that human-caused climate change is a major challenge and that how we talk about it matters. Political polarization, some bad actors, a lot of passion, and misinformation have prevented us from taking the action we need to take. But with a common understanding of the science, by focusing on common values, and by sharing and listening, we can develop solutions together. As Steve Sywensky says, “Talk is the basis of solution.”

The guide will help you, your faculty, and community members to use Climate Stories to explore and talk about climate change. Faculty will find that the guide can help structure one discussion or create units on the science of climate change, the social science and history of political polarization and communication, stories from the front lines of climate change in the United States today, and more. If you want to create a community conversation, this guide will point you toward relevant resources to do that too.

Climate Stories Funding Trailer from WPSU Creative Services on Vimeo.

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