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Blue/White Shredding Program

The Blue/White Shredding Program shreds sensitive materials (financial records, health-related information, etc.) and recycles the content.

Do Recycle

  • Confidential paper records
  • Records with personally identifiable information such as:
    • Social Security numbers
    • Penn State Identification numbers
    • Budget and fund numbers
    • Information related to a specific person who maintains an expectation of privacy
  • Manila folders are accepted within blue bags if confidential information is written on the folder itself
  • When in doubt, or if you have questions, contact Lan Conrad

Don't Recycle

  • Pendaflexs are NOT accepted

How it works

  • To sign up, please email Lan Conrad. If Lan is unable to be reached, please email Janel Fitzgerald
  • There is an annual subscription fee of $400. This fee covers eight blue bags and one white bag for electronic files a month. For any bags over these amounts you will be charged $25/bag
  • Once your department signs up for the Blue/White Shredding Program, you’ll receive a large blue bag
  • Dispose of sensitive documents into the bag
  • Penn State employees will come to your office to pick up your bag—and will shred the contents right here on campus; all shredded documents will then be recycled
  • You can schedule weekly, biweekly, or on-demand pick-ups

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